Let's work together

I am Pierre Guillaume, a french web "worker" living in Bordeaux. I develop web sites, APIs, games, mobile apps, and because i love to work with people, i am also a trainer.

If you have a digital project, i can help you to make it run soon.

I can handle all the technical stuff for you (original webdesign included), so that you can focus on your business. In an agile collaboration, we will grow your ideas and bring the project to life :)

Here are some examples of what i can do for you :

  • Build a custom yet performant website for your business
  • Audit an exisiting web application and define a plan to improve it according to your unique constraints
  • Create an API (rest, graphql, ...) to expose your data to the world
  • Improve the workflow of your team, with setting up a CI, or creating tools to improve code quality, …
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